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Thanks! – Fundraiser was great

Wow, what a nice midweek night out! The gig was great, thanks so much to everyone.. to Enda Firehouse, T-woc, Soundman Soro, BlueFood, Melody Masher, Warren Daly, everyone who came, and of course, Shelly, who put the whole thing together. It was a lovely crowd, great vibe, a nice decompression session for those of us who were at the Mantua festival at the weekend.

Great to see so many familiar faces from there at this gig. As a fundraiser, it went very well for us, we can’t believe it, we’re so appreciative. For those of you who are curious, the money raised will go into diesel for the journey and for 3 days worth of gennies, the (expensive) ferry fare involved in moving a 7 meter van across to the island, and food and sundries for a (potentially ramshackle) communal kitchen we are working at getting in order for the festival.

If you haven’t done it yet, get on over to theĀ Force 10 website and book your tickets asap. Then get moving and book your place on the ferry, or make an arrangement with one of the other boat crews as detailed on the Force 10 site.

Although a ticketed event this year, Jigs n Rigs 2007 is a non profit event, and any proceeds from the festival will go straight into the Save Tara Campaign, a cause close to our own hearts, and of course, we will absolutely follow suit: if we end up with any spare money.. that’s where it’s going.

Massive thanks again to everyone, book them tickets, and we’ll see ye in the field!

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1. Alex
2:44 am
July 20th, 2007

Deadly. That sounds great. Wish I had been there.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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