Audio Terrorists
We don't have a catch phrase


The Audio Terrorists are a loose collective of many individuals brought together by a common outrage at the abomination that was the allied forces’ invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the Irish government’s decisions to support and assist with this terror.

Increasingly shocked and disgusted by the horror of what was happening, and overwhelmed by an urgent drive to contribute what we could to the opposition of this nightmare, we pooled our resources, and the Audio Terrorists was born. Artists, drivers, sound system engineers, DJs, musicians, people with energy, passion and resources all contributed what we had to bring more colour, positivity, hope, music and creativity to the anti war demonstrations in Dublin.

Ireland has always been well known for it’s neutrality in times of war, and the public have always been so proud of this, but by inviting the U.S. Air force to use Shannon Airport during the war, this neutrality was totally discarded. In showing support for one side and one side only, the Irish government (FF & PD) showed complete disregard for public opinion. Support for the present government has been dwindling rapidly over the last few years due to many poor decisions; the responsibilities of providing and maintaining essential services and representing the Irish public on an international level have been sacrificed for a quick buck and a bit of glamour.

At no point did we ever feel that we could actually stop the war by playing music, but if the noise gets louder and louder then it cannot be ignored. So many things in Ireland could be improved and a more long term approach to problem solving needs to be taken.

Public transport is improving, yet urgently needs to become more extensive, and a much more viable alternative to travelling by car. Facilities and safety for cyclists, again, while improving, still need much attention. The precious woodland and beautiful landscapes of Ireland should be cherished and preserved and not cleared for motorways and industrial estates. So much more space should be given to pubic use, particularly in urban areas. The huge gap between the most wealthy and the most impoverished must be reduced.

We must strive for a better distribution of wealth, thus a reduction in the abject poverty so many people here face. The problems that arise from this run-away gap can lead to increased homelessness; if you have no money and no home, it is extremely difficult to improve your situation. Among many other issues that must be addressed are the obvious increase in serious drug abuse and alcohol addiction in Ireland.

However, there are so many brilliant things about living in Ireland right now. It’s a beautiful island, full of really cool people, fantastic scenery, so many cool places to go and things to do, so much breathtaking coastline… there is so much positive energy here, so much hope and potential! Right now, Ireland is a great country, with some simple improvements, it will be even better. We look forward to and embrace the future, and for this reason, we party, and we do it proper.

You can find us all over the place, at Reclaim The Streets parties, running stages at music festivals, doing fund-raising gigs, and obviously, at demonstrations.

We have much to say, so keep an eye on the News page for updates on what we’re doing, and other things that are happening.

See you all there!

PEACE, The Audio Terrorists Collective

*** Violence does not equal progress***

Please note we are not aligned with any particular activist group or political party.