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Jigs n Rigs 2011

Thanks so much to everyone who’s organised and attended all the fundraising events, they’ve been mindblowing. People are so motivated to help us doing this party it’s just great.

Some quick notes on this years’ festival…

Tickets. As usual, we have to limit the numbers of attendees, so a ticket will be required to gain entry to the site. This year, tickets are for sale, and can be bought for £30. There are still some left available. This advance money will really help us with the logistics of running this event, and we intend to work on some more permanent infrastructure for the field. Tickets can be bought here (via the event hosts, Force 10 crew). Also please note that any funds generated that we don’t use will be donated to the Shell to Sea campaign.

Volunteers. We’re down a few key crew members this year, so volunteers are more needed than ever. If you’re interested in going up a little early to help with the site setup (preparing the field, setting up fencing, laying plumbing, digging drainage ditches, all sorts of mucky physical fun like that) and have particular skills that may be relevent (tractor / JCB ticket / experience), mail Jonny with info and contact details.

Stewards. Throughout the event, we’ll need scheduled volunteers to help us with stewarding. It’s generally not hard work, sociable and fun. Have a read of the stewards guide, and if you think you could do a bit of that over the weekend, then make yourself known as you arrive, and if you sign up for a shift, please remember to be sober and well rested for it. You guys make the weekend work!

Line up. We’re in the process of finalising the line-up for our tent at the moment… if we’ve mailed you about playing, PLEASE reply to us ASAP. We really need to know all our artists’ availability so we can slot it all together in a way that works for us all, and we have other people basically on hold as we wait for the last few to confirm… so please, if we’ve already been in touch, answer us ASAP. If we haven’t been in touch, then basically we’re sorry… there’s an overwhelming amount of talent who’d like to play for us, but there’s only so many hours in the weekend, so we pretty much have no more room for others. But yeah, artists…. ANSWER YOUR EMAILS! (thanks!)

So we’ll post more up in the next while, hopefully will have a proper line up finalised, we’re really looking forward to seeing you all again, take her handy whatever yer at, bring it all on!


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