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  • Take Back the City – Report

    Quick update… there is some discussion starting here on about the Take Back the City event, and RTS in Ireland in general. If you’re interested in RTS Ireland, and where there is for it to go, have a read, and have your say.

  • Take Back the City

    Well, “Take Back the City” turned into a pretty standard RTS really, but it was hellafun! We really enjoyed our day. So much thanks goes to: the man with the wee van, the RTS people (or whoever it was organised the day), all the folk who gave to the whiparound, the Gardaí for being so […]

  • Something like Reclaim the Streets

    There’s an event happening in Dublin City this Saturday in an RTS stylee, with more improvisation and arty stuff. We may make a musical appearance. Read a discussion about it at this link or just come along and check it out. Meeting at the spire at 2 pm on Saturday.

  • RTS report

    It was an excellent day.. we had so much fun. Thanks sooo much to everyone who came down. Thanks to the RTS, Gardai, Food Not Bombs, DJs, impromptu cycle couriers, mystery van drivers, the media types, nature, ….. eh .. everyone, yeah, the street-cleaner-guy especially.. good work. First few photos now online. We’ll sort them […]

  • RTS today!

    It’s on. Bring cake..

  • Announcement: Reclaim the Streets

    There will be a Reclaim the Streets party in Dublin on 02/05/05. We have no van. If you have a van, and would like to help us, then get in touch. The equipment is quite big so a car really won’t do it. If you are a member of An Garda Síochána, then keep up […]

  • Gardai Trials

    Check Indymedia, RTE and Ireland on Line for up to date news on the outcome of the trials of the gardai involved in the 2002 Reclaim the streets.