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Another Fundraiser!

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Poster Fish Promotions and Audio Terrorists present a post-Rathlin-Jigs & Rigs fundraiser thing

Eomac (!Kaboogie)
ZoiD ‘n’ Bill (Live techno with a trumpet)

Alien Hand (Hardcore, Digital Vomit)

Dr. Ed ( Suadade Afrobeats and breaks)

Zyme ( Ragga/ Jungle with a glitchy twist)

Amuse b’Osh (((())))

9pm – late

Sat 28th September

Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedre Court, Dublin 1


Admission €10

Proceeds to be split between the wonderful Seomra Spraoi collective, and hopefully paying off the remaining debts of this year’s Jigs n Rigs festival.

Fundraiser tonight!

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Big up the Pobail Beag crew for putting a whopper gig together!

It’s €10 in and it’s a byob event so it will be a fun cheap night out, we’ll be cracking out tunes from 21:00 – 03:00 so get down early with your booze in tow to support the dj’s and make the most of the night.

unfortunately venus isn’t able to make the trip down but don’t fret we’ve lined up one of dublin’s best dj’s to take her place.

Here is the list of dj’s:

kevin shortall & brian mccoy btb
jeff walters
chris chapman
sarah breen

You can expect to hear some 80’s, dubstep, jungle, house and techno. So there is something there for everyone.

Half of our proceeds are going towards Seomra Spraoi so even if you just want to support them then come down too.

Feel free to invite your friends and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Some previous sets from some of the dj’s:

Apologies for the lack of updates to the site. Proper post Jigs n Rigs stuff coming soon, and the promise of more attention to the site.


It’s a Line Up!

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Hello hello all people!

well, putting together a coherent line up for our tent at this years’ Jigs n Rigs has been… well it’s been a slow process, but it has been a process, and here are some results.

We’ve had additions and subtractions and cancellations and chops and changes, and i’m sure we’ll have some more, but here is some idea of the noises that may be happening in our tent this coming weekend.


18:00 – Audio Terrorists DJS
19:30 – Chris Chapman
21:00 – Dynzer
22:30 – 2BiT
00:00 – A-Force
01:30 – Nedule
03:00 – Zyme
04:30 – Alien Hand


18:00 – Gareth Evans
19:30 – Niamh de Barra
21:00 – Kiani
22:30 – DJ Platinum Ray
00:00 – Sunken Foal (live)
01:30 – Eomac
03:00 – Ronan Dunne
04:30 – Jason Deadman


18:00 – Dr Ed
19:30 – Alan Coholan
21:00 – Jay Galligan
22:30 – PCP
00:00 – Bluefood
01:30 – DJ Elle J
03:00 – Chrissi

So there it is. If you are one of these DJs / musicians, then that’s roughly when you’re playing. If you’re another DJ / musician and you expected to be on there…. then let us know asap.

The lads have done some great work up at the field. The site lights are up, the barn is up, the jacks are in.

Gonna be whopper!

Jigs n Rigs 2013!

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It’s on, folks!

August 3 / 4 / 5, on our beautiful site on wonderful Rathlin island!

All the cogs are turning and the wheels are in motion and the plans are being finalised. Tickets are on sale now, contact any of us in person to get hooked up, or any of the Force 10 crew.

Apologies if anyone’s assumed it’s not on this year due to lack of news, but this is how we do it 🙂

Just one full week left to sort yourselves out people!



No Jigs n Rigs festival this year

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Ok everyone, all the key people put their heads together a while ago, and due to many other commitments and other reasons, we’ve decided that there will be no Jigs n Rigs in 2012. A lot of people know, but i don’t think it’s been actually said anywhere yet, so here it is.

We think the break will do it good, and we look forward to doing more in the coming years with renewed vigour and new ideas and people on board. Many of the key Jigs n Rigs people have involvement in loads of the other festivals happening all over this island (Ireland, not Rathlin) in the summers, there’s loads to do, so have a great year y’all.

See ye next year (probably) for more fun!

Thanks everybody!

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Just a quickie post here, to say a massive thanks to everyone who made jigs n rigs 2011 so much fun!

everyone who played, cooked, cleaned, danced, pole danced, drove, shouted, smiled, laughed… everyone who did anything. legends you all.

especially our awesome hosts, the mega Force 10 Crew. The work they do, obvious and inobvious, to make this possible is staggering.

All the people on Rathlin island.. we thank you so much for letting us into your wonderful world every year. it’s a strikingly beautiful place, and we’re so lucky that they share it with us all as they do.

the entire McFaul family, they have us on their land, in their homes, on their boats, in their cars…. mega-legends you all…
the list goes on and on… just.. thanks all. thanks so much. you make our year.


Jigs & Rigs 2011 – Important travel information

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Jigs & Rigs is happening the same weekend as The Armoy Road Races. The straightest Route to Ballycastle is through Armoy. Armoy and some of the roads around it will be closed:
Friday Practise Roads Closed from 2.30pm Reopen NO Later Than 9.30pm
Saturday Races Roads Closed from 10.00am Reopen NO Later Than 6.30pm
If you are travelling to the festival during these times then you will need to avoid the closed roads. More info on road closers etc is here:

It is possible to get to Armoy and then go left into the town although it will be very busy. Take the B147 Carrowreagh Road out of Armoy and follow it to its end, a T Junction. Take a right and immediate right again, don’t cross the bridge. Come down the slip road and Right again straight into Ballycastle. Ballycastle is signposted along most of this route.


Avoid Armoy all together. Don’t turn off the Frossets Road for Ballycastle. Keep going to Ballymoney. Stay on the bypass, do not go into Ballymoney. Then go straight through the roundabout and take the next right, sign posted to Stranocum. Go straight through Stranocum and keep going until your reach the Dry Arch bridge. Take the right hand slip road before the bridge (do not take the right turn 20m before that sign posted for Armoy) and another right and follow signs for Ballycastle.

Image showing alt routes to follow.

Image showing alternative route to Jigs & Rigs

Jigs & Rigs 2011 line up

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We’re delighted to have so many amazing artists playing on our stage this year, check out the line up:

Friday 29/07

    Audio Terrorists DJs
    Darragh Thomas
    Chris Chapman
    Jay Galligan
    Richie !K
    Tina Moore


Saturday 30/07

    Dr. Groove
    Automatic Tasty
    A-force feat. Lady Grew
    Paul Acroplane


Sunday 31/07

    Niamh DeBarra
    Morphamish b2b Tactus
    Lion of the Ghetto
    Johny Alpha
    Alan Coholan
    Ronan Dunne
    Melody Masher b2b Spewey Walshe


Leave no Trace

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Ok, it’s coming up fast. Final bits of prep are underway, we’ll have the line-up ready to “anounce” for our tent any minute now. Some quick notes for those of ye who are coming to the festival…

Expect harsh weather. If you came up for the first time last year, basically, you don’t know shit about weather. We’ve never had it so easy. Bring a good tent, extra pegs, extra strings / guy ropes, be prepared to improvise. Bring good waterproofs, spare socks, decent boots or whatever. Bring a torch. Bring food and drink, don’t bring excessive packaging for it…

PLEASE take away what rubbish you bring. Try not to bring stuff that is overly wasteful. Here are some photos of what we were left with last year…


more rubbish

and in 2007, we had 2 of these silage trailers full to deal with…



The people that come to this festival are a strikingly nice crowd, and generally very good at keeping the field pretty tidy among themselves, if we could reduce the volume of crap that we are left to deal with afterwards, that would be fantastic.

Jigs n Rigs 2011

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Thanks so much to everyone who’s organised and attended all the fundraising events, they’ve been mindblowing. People are so motivated to help us doing this party it’s just great.

Some quick notes on this years’ festival…

Tickets. As usual, we have to limit the numbers of attendees, so a ticket will be required to gain entry to the site. This year, tickets are for sale, and can be bought for £30. There are still some left available. This advance money will really help us with the logistics of running this event, and we intend to work on some more permanent infrastructure for the field. Tickets can be bought here (via the event hosts, Force 10 crew). Also please note that any funds generated that we don’t use will be donated to the Shell to Sea campaign.

Volunteers. We’re down a few key crew members this year, so volunteers are more needed than ever. If you’re interested in going up a little early to help with the site setup (preparing the field, setting up fencing, laying plumbing, digging drainage ditches, all sorts of mucky physical fun like that) and have particular skills that may be relevent (tractor / JCB ticket / experience), mail Jonny with info and contact details.

Stewards. Throughout the event, we’ll need scheduled volunteers to help us with stewarding. It’s generally not hard work, sociable and fun. Have a read of the stewards guide, and if you think you could do a bit of that over the weekend, then make yourself known as you arrive, and if you sign up for a shift, please remember to be sober and well rested for it. You guys make the weekend work!

Line up. We’re in the process of finalising the line-up for our tent at the moment… if we’ve mailed you about playing, PLEASE reply to us ASAP. We really need to know all our artists’ availability so we can slot it all together in a way that works for us all, and we have other people basically on hold as we wait for the last few to confirm… so please, if we’ve already been in touch, answer us ASAP. If we haven’t been in touch, then basically we’re sorry… there’s an overwhelming amount of talent who’d like to play for us, but there’s only so many hours in the weekend, so we pretty much have no more room for others. But yeah, artists…. ANSWER YOUR EMAILS! (thanks!)

So we’ll post more up in the next while, hopefully will have a proper line up finalised, we’re really looking forward to seeing you all again, take her handy whatever yer at, bring it all on!