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It’s a Line Up!

Hello hello all people!

well, putting together a coherent line up for our tent at this years’ Jigs n Rigs has been… well it’s been a slow process, but it has been a process, and here are some results.

We’ve had additions and subtractions and cancellations and chops and changes, and i’m sure we’ll have some more, but here is some idea of the noises that may be happening in our tent this coming weekend.


18:00 – Audio Terrorists DJS
19:30 – Chris Chapman
21:00 – Dynzer
22:30 – 2BiT
00:00 – A-Force
01:30 – Nedule
03:00 – Zyme
04:30 – Alien Hand


18:00 – Gareth Evans
19:30 – Niamh de Barra
21:00 – Kiani
22:30 – DJ Platinum Ray
00:00 – Sunken Foal (live)
01:30 – Eomac
03:00 – Ronan Dunne
04:30 – Jason Deadman


18:00 – Dr Ed
19:30 – Alan Coholan
21:00 – Jay Galligan
22:30 – PCP
00:00 – Bluefood
01:30 – DJ Elle J
03:00 – Chrissi

So there it is. If you are one of these DJs / musicians, then that’s roughly when you’re playing. If you’re another DJ / musician and you expected to be on there…. then let us know asap.

The lads have done some great work up at the field. The site lights are up, the barn is up, the jacks are in.

Gonna be whopper!

It’s a Line Up!: 3 Comments

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1. Alex Leonard
3:43 am
August 2nd, 2013

It looks like an awesome line-up and I’m very sad to not be along this year.

Have a whale of a time. Looking forward to hearing stories and seeing photos.

2. John Mahon
6:05 am
August 2nd, 2013

Aw greatstuff, sorry to be missing it this year, I’m sure it’ll be a blast as always – perhaps some snippets of video or maybe a diary could note everything down for us that happened – that doesn’t sound like too much work does it folks? 😉

3. cravings
9:04 am
August 7th, 2013

hey guys, sad to miss ye here too.

had a whopper weekend. still in the field, in kitchen tent right now on wireless link to ballycastle! pretty cool.

more details soon, but basically huge thanks to all performers in our tent, to Force 10, damien and family for hosting us again, everyone really. best party in ireland for sure.

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