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  • Jigs & Rigs 2011 line up

    We’re delighted to have so many amazing artists playing on our stage this year, check out the line up: Friday 29/07 Audio Terrorists DJs Darragh Thomas Chris Chapman Zyme Jay Galligan Richie !K Kodeine Herv Tina Moore   Saturday 30/07 Ilex Dr. Groove Automatic Tasty 2BiT Meljoann A-force feat. Lady Grew Morphamish Paul Acroplane Welfare […]

  • Jigs & Rigs fundraiser

    Another fundraiser for the Rathlin Jigs & Rigs festival is coming up this weekend. It’ll be a night of quality music and craic, so come along for a bit of dancing and shite talking. Location: Ruta (previously O’byrnes – corner of Capel St. & North King St.) Dublin Date: 8th July Time: 9:00pm Damage: 5 […]

  • Jigs & Rigs fundraiser: table quiz

    We have a fundraising table quiz being organised for us to helpĀ  fund our end of the shenanagans for this years Jigs & Rigs festival. Location: Against the Grain, Camden Street, Dublin Date: 30th June Time: 7:30pm Damage: 10 yo yos per person   Raffles and fabulous prizes to be won apprantly, so come along, […]

  • Jigs n Rigs Fundraiser gig!

    Fingers out, one and all, and not a moment too soon. In typical “left to the last possible minute, yet executed with the grace and dignity of Twink” style, we are throwing a bash to assist us and our long term partners in offshore shenanigans, the mighty Force 10 Crew, to bring to you all…. […]

  • Jigs ‘n’ Rigs!

    Just a quick post to say the biggest thank you to Force 10 for the best week of our summer. It was just brilliant to see you all again, and to work with ye on the festival. Thanks also very muchly to our army of helpers on the “Audio Terrorists Work Camp”; everyone was great! […]

  • Audio Terrorism in Rathlin

    Hey all, Looks like we’ve lined up a hell of a lot of Audio Terrorism for the Jigs and Rigs Festival on Rathlin Island this weekend. If you’re interested in coming along, head over to the Force 10 website to book a ticket. All profits are going towards the Hill of Tara campaign. This year […]

  • Thanks! – Fundraiser was great

    Wow, what a nice midweek night out! The gig was great, thanks so much to everyone.. to Enda Firehouse, T-woc, Soundman Soro, BlueFood, Melody Masher, Warren Daly, everyone who came, and of course, Shelly, who put the whole thing together. It was a lovely crowd, great vibe, a nice decompression session for those of us […]

  • Jigs and Rigs 2004 Video

    In anticipation of the coming Jigs and Rigs Festival, we’ve dug out an old video from the last one – back in 2004. Enjoy!

  • Audio Terrorists going to Rathlin

    Well slap my ass and call me Susan, if it isn’t an update! We have been disgracefully quiet here and in hibernation for the last while or was it a coma, not sure, anyway the point is we’re here now, it’s the thought that counts after all. What is it that has risen us from […]

  • New Audio Terrorists web site

    Welcome to the all new audio terrorists site, it’s been a very long time coming but sure it’s here now. We’ve now got proper audio, photo, video and links sections so hopefully these will be choc full of stuff to look at and download. Enjoy – the audio terrorists collective. Thank you so much to […]