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Another fundraiser!

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People keep organising gigs for this, it’s great!


Jay Galligan (Test)
Lakker (!Kaboogie, Invisible Agent & much more)
Oisin Murphy
Brian McCoy
Sam Kay (Loudmouth)

Saturday 16th July

United Arts Club
3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street
Dublin 2

22.00 – late
€5 in before 11 and €8 after

Jigs & Rigs fundraiser

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Image of flyer for Rathlin Jigs & Rigs fundraiser

Another fundraiser for the Rathlin Jigs & Rigs festival is coming up this weekend. It’ll be a night of quality music and craic, so come along for a bit of dancing and shite talking.

  • Location: Ruta (previously O’byrnes – corner of Capel St. & North
    King St.) Dublin
  • Date: 8th July
  • Time: 9:00pm
  • Damage: 5 yo yos



Sunken Foal – (Planet Mu)

Twoc – (Alphabet Set)

Cignol – (Alphabet Set)

Herv – (Cock Rock Disco)



Tango (Formation)

Ricky Force (Dsci4)

A-Force – (!Kaboogie)

Richie !K (!Kaboogie)


See yiz there!


Jigs & Rigs fundraiser: table quiz

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We have a fundraising table quiz being organised for us to help  fund our end of the shenanagans for this years Jigs & Rigs festival.

  • Location: Against the Grain, Camden Street, Dublin
  • Date: 30th June
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Damage: 10 yo yos per person


Raffles and fabulous prizes to be won apprantly, so come along, dig deep and have a laugh. There’s a Facebook for those of you who do that, no idea what it says but I’m sure it’s awesome.

We have another two fundraisers coming up, we’ll have details here closer to the time.

Fundraiser up North!

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Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where we begin to start gearing up for our annual outing, and our hosts and friends and partners in shenanigans Force 10 are getting things moving with a fundraising night, on the beautiful North Coast…


I promise, more updates on stuff soon, and a website clean-up is long overdue… any day now.. any day now…


Call out for help to finish the clean up job

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Hey just putting a shout out to any one who could help damien finish cleaning up after the festival in the next 24 hours. Theres a heap of rubbish and a few things to dismantle, it would be a great chance to visit rathlin again while the weather is good.

Niamh deBarra – Cusp EP launch today

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A very last minute bit of promotion for one of our very favourite artists….

Niamh deBarra has wowed the crowed in our tent at the Jigs and Rigs festival for the last couple of years with her beautiful soundscapes of looped cello and vocals, and we’re delighted for her first release. The launch gig is on today from 4pm till 7pm, so get organised now, and get in there.

sorry for the delay in this post (the short notice ye have just been given for this gig) but we’ve had a hectic couple of weeks recently. I’ll post a proper jigs n rigs write up and photo gallery really soon (i promise).

but for now.. get to Stoneybatter.


Lakker Live on the audio terrorists rig- Jigs n’ Rigs 2010

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EO and daragh really did us proud and brought some proper terrorism to satan’s gazebo this year check  out their set  here

Lakker live jigs N\’ rigs 2010

Gig on Friday!

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Mission Objectives:
Generate funds in order to strengthen the catering wing of our operations.
Shake a load of hot booty,
Demonstrate that rhythm can move fluidly from downtempo to uptempo in 240 minutes.

Volunteer Participants:
EOMAC (Lakker / !kaboogie)
A-FORCE (Alphabet Set / !kaboogie)
HERV (Risc Records / cockrockdisco)
MELODYMASHER (Audio Terrorists)

Logistical Specifications:
EARLY gig (tunes 8.30 – 12.30)
Friday 23 / 07 / 2010
Legal Eagle (beside 4 courts), Chancery Place,
€5 (we’re comfortable with taking more)
Audio Terrorists sound-system in effect.


Tickets all gone!!

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In the space of an hour, all of the tickets were snapped up for jigs n’ rigs 2010. Due to the size of the Island and licensing  constraints, there is no more space.

We have recived many requests to volunteer with us, but we have limited space and give prefrence to those who have  provided us with neccesary equipment and volunteered previously.

Please do not hesitate to volunteer/ support in the future, we really appreciate it.

line up for jigs and rigs filled

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We have an amazing line up for jigs n’ rigs 2010, with the best talent from the four corners of Ireland, stay tuned for a full list of the line up.