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Ok, it’s coming up fast. Final bits of prep are underway, we’ll have the line-up ready to “anounce” for our tent any minute now. Some quick notes for those of ye who are coming to the festival…

Expect harsh weather. If you came up for the first time last year, basically, you don’t know shit about weather. We’ve never had it so easy. Bring a good tent, extra pegs, extra strings / guy ropes, be prepared to improvise. Bring good waterproofs, spare socks, decent boots or whatever. Bring a torch. Bring food and drink, don’t bring excessive packaging for it…

PLEASE take away what rubbish you bring. Try not to bring stuff that is overly wasteful. Here are some photos of what we were left with last year…


more rubbish

and in 2007, we had 2 of these silage trailers full to deal with…



The people that come to this festival are a strikingly nice crowd, and generally very good at keeping the field pretty tidy among themselves, if we could reduce the volume of crap that we are left to deal with afterwards, that would be fantastic.

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1. Jaybro
12:21 pm
July 27th, 2011

We’re gaggin’ for the line-up! Only 2 sleeps left, woop woop!

2. cravings
12:34 pm
July 27th, 2011

whoop! no sleeps left for me.. leaving any minute now..

line up.. yes.. that is a changeable thing. it’s deadly though, and i’d say it’s gonna appear here any minute.. so feed-readers at the ready…

see ye on the rock


3. spewey
11:57 pm
July 27th, 2011

Line up just posted and it’s mega!

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